At Waddle we’ve simplified the cost of borrowing so you’ll have just two ongoing rates, draw down and interest. We believe you should only ever pay for what you use, if you don’t need us, there are no costs. And when you require additional cash flow, draw down what you need, when you need it.

Our rates are risk adjusted, so we need to know a little about your company and the services you provide. To find out what rates you qualify for simply click ‘get a quote’ and connect your accounting package. If you already have your quote, go ahead and use the calculator below to find out what it costs.

How much will Waddle cost?

Adjust the sliders below to find out what it costs for a month.


funds borrowed


draw down rate


interest rate p.a.

Total cost for 30 days


Draw down fee$0

This calculator assumes 30 day payment terms and a consistent account balance equal to the draw down value.

Need more detail?

The establishment fee is a one off charge that covers the credit assessment and legal costs of setting up your Waddle account. This fee is only applied should your application be successful.

The draw down fee is added to your loan balance when you receive the funds. Unlike a management fee, the draw down fee is calculated only on the funds you choose to draw, not on the face value of your invoices. For more information, check out our compare page.

The interest rate is an annualised rate, calculated daily on your loan balance. Any interest accrued is added to your balance at the end of the calendar month. This variable rate fluctuates in line with Australia’s base interest rate.

For complete transparency you can see any fees applied from your Waddle dashboard, and from your accounting package.

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