How to partner with Waddle

Step 1

Click 'Contact Us' to arrange a consultation with a Waddle team member

Step 2

Learn all about our innovative platform so you can educate your clients

Step 3

Refer your clients within the partner dashboard and get rewarded

Invoice finance made simple

Our innovative platform connects with your client's cloud accounting package helping them improve cash flow and grow

Fast set-up

Connect, receive approval and get funding within 48 hours

Flexible & fair

Choose the customers for funding, borrow what you need, no lock-ins

Great rates

Low rates with no minimum spend, simply pay for what you use

No property security

Waddle funds are secured by your invoices, not your family home

Less admin

Save time with Waddle, no uploading of invoices, simple reconciliations

Fully confidential

Waddle stays in the background, your customer relationships stay with you

What’s in it for you

Upfront commission

Generally 1% of the upper facility limit

Trail commission

0.75% pa paid monthly

Get the Waddle partner guide

With benefits, FAQs, email templates, phone scripts and more. Everything you need to know to get your clients excited!