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Who do we lend to?

We fund clients in a variety of industries, though we work best with recruitment & labour hire agencies, manufacturers, wholesalers and transporters.

We require businesses be incorporated with 12 months trading history and raising commercial invoices to credit worthy customers. To apply for a Waddle facility you must be using a supported accounting platform.

How much working capital can I get?

Credit limits are based on your accounts receivable and will adjust automatically as you raise and close invoices. This means funds available to you will grow as your business does.

Why do you need to connect to my accounting software?

By connecting to your accounting software we are able to see your invoicing activity in real time, which we use to make funds available to you. We also post all transaction data from your Waddle account to your software so this way, day-to-day funding is a seamless, administration-free experience.

How is Waddle different from other online lenders?

We’ve taken a radical, data-driven approach to credit risk management, a big departure from traditional methods. We’ve eliminated the hidden charges as well as all the paperwork. Waddle was designed to work within your existing workflows, without disruption. If you're a cloud enabled business, Waddle has been built for you.

Can I partner with Waddle?

We work with finance brokers, accountants and advisors to provide their clients with the leading invoice financing solution.

We also work with enterprise partners, provide white-label solutions and end-to-end integrated funding software for banks and other lenders.

Account Setup

How do I apply for a Waddle line of credit?

Simply complete your profile and link your accounting software, that's it.

Which online accounting providers are currently supported?

Xero, MYOB AccountRight and QuickBooks Online. Support for enterprise (ERP) software users is on the way.

What happens after I link my accounts to Waddle?

Waddle assesses your business data in real-time and presents you with a tailored finance offer. Offers presented are not final and can be fine-tuned once you speak with your account manager during the setup phase.

How long after I accept my offer will I receive funds?

We've achieved same day funding in many cases so generally speaking, we can work as fast as you require. Funds will be ready for draw down the moment you've signed your loan documentation.

Why do I need to change my banking details for customer payments?

When you create your account you'll be issued with a new bank account in your company name. Any balances drawn will be paid down via your customer payments into this account to create a fully revolving line of credit.

What are Waddle Direct (Bank) Feeds?

Waddle was designed to fit within your existing workflows. Data feeds work behind the scenes to pass transactional data between Waddle and your accounting software. This takes away any of the day-to-day effort involved in administering your accounts.

Privacy & security

Will Waddle ever contact my customers?

Waddle is a 100% confidential service so will never contact, discuss or disclose our relationship to your customers.

What does Waddle do with my data?

Being able to access just the data Waddle needs to make funding decisions now means applying for business funding is no longer a time-consuming process. Waddle might view; Accounts, Bank Transactions, Bank Transfers, Contacts, Credit Notes, Invoices, Organisation, Overpayments, Prepayments, Payments and Purchase Orders.

Does Waddle share my company data with anyone?

Your company accounting data is not shared with anyone. We only pass transaction data from your Waddle account back to your accounting software, for bookkeeping purposes. As part of our credit assessment process we check your credit history so will share your personal details to access your credit reports.

How does Waddle protect my data?

Integrations with leading accounting software providers places your data security at the top of our priorities. Waddle uses industry best practice security protocols.

Loan Details

How do I draw funds?

If you're a first time user of Waddle, your account manager will guide you through the final steps. Once you have been notified that your account is "live", you're ready to start drawing funds. Simply hit the "Drawdown" button and enter the amount you'd like.

How do repayments work?

Payments from your selected customers are to be directed into your Waddle account which we will set up in the name of your business. Payments into this account will pay down your existing balance. You may also make additional payments directly to reduce interest charges.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated daily on your outstanding balance and applied to your loan balance monthly.

How do I pay my interest and fees?

Interest is added to your balance at the end of each month. Fees are added to your balance when incurred. You are not required to pay these individually, your customer payments will simply pay off your balance.

Account Operation

How do I add/remove customers for funding?

Within your Waddle dashboard select the "DEBTORS" tab. From here you will see a list of your customers. Simply "Nominate" desired customers. If you wish to remove a customer from funding contact your account manager or email .

How can I change my account information?

To update your password or perform a manual sync with your accounting software, use the icon in the top right hand corner. Updating key contacts for account access can be done by contacting your account manager or emailing .

How can I give my advisor access?

This feature is coming soon. We're currently working on separate access levels for advisors.

How can I close my account?

Simply make a direct payment, refinance to another lender, or wait for customer payments to reduce your balance to zero. Once you're ready, contact your account manager or email and we'll arrange the closure.

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