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Waddle Line of Credit


Waddle makes it easy for you to access funds from unpaid invoices as a line of credit. We're focused on reinventing debtor financing using technology.

If you're looking for an alternative to debtor finance you've come to the right place. Growth businesses use Waddle to link in with their accounting software and automate every aspect of their financing.
It's free to create your account today.

Before Considering Debtor Finance,
ask these questions first

Does it offer real-time funds?

Draw funds up to 80% of your unpaid invoices as a revolving line of credit to accelerate your business. It's as easy as linking your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks accounts.

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Will my customers be contacted?

Debtor Finance providers will contact your customers, peforming what's called "verification". Rest assured, Waddle won't interfere with your most valuable relationships.

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Does it sync to accounting software?

Waddle integrates seamlessly with the leading cloud accounting software. Raising invoices in your accounting software instantly updates your funding line. Access funds with no paperwork or extra work load.

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Will I be locked-in?

Steer clear of lenders that lock you into contracts. Waddle is loved by leading accountants, bookkeepers and business owners that enjoy the flexibility, transparency and terms that suit growing businesses.

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Does it have complicated fees?

Debtor finance providers often have confusing contracts that mask expensive fee structures. Be wary of contracts that contain many smaller fees, these add up and erode your profits.

What if I want to leave?

Be careful of sneaky "notice period" clauses. Debtor finance providers have no other way to stop you from leaving. Instead of simply repaying the funding, you'll need to wait up to three months before moving on.

Waddle vs Debtor Finance

  • Features
  • No Property Security
  • 100% Confidential (info)
  • Simple Low Rates
  • Online Account Setup
  • No Contract Period
  • No Min Monthly Spend
  • Accounting Add-on
  • Let's Chat

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The whole process from applying for the facility and to the draw down stage was so straight forward. | Cleo Litsas - KCL Business Services