There are many business lending options out there including fixed term loans, bank overdrafts, invoice finance and more. If you are looking to solve cash flow issues and value flexibility you’ve come to the right place. Waddle is designed to be customer focussed with friendly terms, world-first automation and fair pricing.

How Waddle saves you time

WaddleTraditional invoice finance
Waddle talks to your accounting software so you’ll never have to send us an invoiceYou will be required to export data from your accounting package and upload it to the lender's portal
Reconcile as usual with Waddle bank feedsYou will need to manually enter transaction data into both your accounting package and lender portal
Loan balance, fees & interest are automatically posted in your accounting packageYou will need to calculate your costs via the lender portal and manually enter them into your accounting package

Flexibility and confidentiality

WaddleTraditional invoice finance
Partial ledger – Choose which customers you want to fundFull ledger - Most lenders require all customer invoices
Non-disclosed – We do not contact your customers or mark your invoicesDisclosed - Some lenders may contact your customers to verify invoices. Your customer relationships are important
No contract or notice period - You are welcome to leave at any timeLock-in contracts - Circumstances change, so why sign a 12, 24 or 36 month contract with long notice periods?

Fair and transparent pricing

WaddleTraditional invoice finance
Draw down rate - Only pay for what you useAdmin/Management/Factor rate - This may look small, but calculated on the face value of every invoice its normally the largest component of your cost.
Per annum interest rateInterest - Make sure you are considering an annualised rate, not a monthly rate.
No hidden feesWatch out for legal fees, purchase fees, audit fees, emergency interest rates, statement fees, GST and other surprises
No minimum spendMost lenders will require a minimum monthly spend regardless of usage

Management fee vs draw down fee

Adjust the sliders below with your expected turnover and the funding you require to see how the draw down fee compares

With a management fee


turnover per month


management fee


in management fees per month

With Waddle


funds required per month (max 80% of turnover)


draw down fee


in draw down fees per month

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