Life In The Waddle House

Waddle B-ball 2v2 Slam

Team Waddle  •  20 April, 2018

Autumn in Sydney and the Waddle office is itching to get in the weakening sunrays on a Fri-yay. Half the Waddle team kept business shuffling in the office and the other half hit the park of our local B-ball courts to play to the death.

There was only one rule….and it was that there were no rules. So I spit-shined my elbows and took to the blue concrete with passion. It was a scramble and shuffle as we tripped up, sprayed sweat and actually dribbled (not the basketball kind) our way through a prison inspired basketball game…5/5 players had never played before so it was a rather low scoring game and as a finale, we played a first to score wins game….which took about 15 minutes.

We walked back to the office as heroes…

Spotlight On Waddlers - Paul Rose, Head of Sales.

Friday/Funday. Each Friday, part of the Waddle team are let loose out of the office. This week it was Paul’s turn to choose the activity.

"I chose basketball this week because I thought I had a decent chance of winning, I was wrong. Jorja & George make a fierce team with impenetrable defence and lightning fast offence. It was like playing Woody Harrelson & Wesley Snipes but with prison rules. Anyway, I’m glad its Friday and I get two days rest. Can’t wait to find out what's in store for the team next week!"


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