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How PREMIER3D scaled their business by partnering with Waddle invoice finance

Russ Watts  •  13 July, 2022

Gordon Daley is the founder of PREMIER3D, a company specialising in architectural visualisations, which includes CGI renderings and 3D scale models. They operate 2 brands, the more premium PREMIER3D, whose customers are often developers working on premium residential and commercial projects and MEGACHEAP3D, whose clients include those with limited budgets but still are able to take advantage of state of the art visualisation services for design and property presales.

Premier 3D

Gordon explains how the business operates: ‘We are supplier and staff based. We have teams in Sydney and in Melbourne who manage clients, but we work with varying suppliers who assist in producing the work for us (that go beyond our internal team). It’s quite a complex business and not easy to run cash flow-wise.’

‘With our business, we have multiple suppliers being workshop equipment, trades and staffing requirements and this is where we utilise Waddle services.’

‘What we do is take the funds directly from the invoice owing - it’s in our bank account within the hour. Then we’ll use that to pay the supplier or put it back into the business. And once that client invoice comes in, it’s immediately paid back to our facility. That’s the way we work, it’s almost like a clockwork style of finance.’

‘Waddle is a very disciplined system. We like that about it. It provides the immediate funding we require for any needs without question.'

‘We’ve been with Waddle for about a year now and find their customer service exceptional and funding flexible. Last financial year, we posted a 300% growth in revenue from the previous year and we are looking to double that this year. Waddle behaves like we behave. It’s in and out, we get the job done well and without fuss and move onto the next one. We are extremely customer service focused and so is Waddle – it’s a great partnership.’

‘Without Waddle, we’d be using our own funds, which would restrict our ability to take on new business and grow like we have. As we are equipment and staff based, we can’t function without funds’

Premier 3D CGI Rendering

PREMIER3D is a leading architectural 3D rendering and model supplier exclusive to the property industry and Waddle are proud to have them as returning clients.

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