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Partner program guide: 3 ways to offer Waddle's unique cloud funding

Team Waddle  •  13 July, 2016

Automated for accountants & bookkeepers

Your clients will benefit from ongoing automated funding credit lines. No need to ever reapply, credit limits increase as your clients grow automatically and best all they are only charged on funds they drawdown.

We've even simplified invoice finance to feel exactly like a simple line of credit with drawdowns, repayments and interest charges. In comparison to traditional invoice finance or factoring providers the leap in simplicity means you and your client spend less time dealing with finance companies and get back to growing.

Here's three ways to track & refer customers:

This is by far the easiest and most popular method for a touch free referral. Your clients, web traffic or email subscribers can simply sign up themselves and your account is credited with the new account and commissions. There's no other work required of you.

If you are creating blog posts or creating direct links you need to link directly to your unique affiliate URL.

Where do I find my unique URL?

Find your unique URL

We do the heavy lifting

This option is perfect for partners that want us to walk their client through how the product works before proceeding. If you prefer for our team to speak directly with your client, simply select the "add" button on your dashboard, enter your clients details and a team member will promptly make contact with your client. Your referral will be automatically recorded on your dashboard the instant their account is created.

See below:

waddle-blog-partner-guide-partner refer-direct
Refer clients directly

Sign up & pre-approve your client on their behalf

Obtaining consent from your client before using this feature is advised.

This feature is popular for advisors that have a close working relationship with their client/s and wish to extend their advisory offering to include sourcing working capital.

For Accountants or Bookkeepers that are granted access to their clients online accounting software, this feature allows you connect and obtain a finance offer on their behalf. Simply use the "add" > "connect client" feature and select the desired account/s from the drop down menu and follow the prompts.

Useful for obtaining the financing terms for your client:

  • Interest rate
  • Terms & conditions
  • Security taken
  • Credit limit
  • Funds available
  • and more....

Once you're presented with a finance offer you can forward this to your client or proceed to open a new account. You will then receive a call from our team to discuss finalising your clients credit line.

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