Welcome to our latest recruit: Yong

Introducing our newest recruit, Yong Rhee. He joins the team as a Product Designer, here to sprinkle some 'Yong magic' over the Waddle platform and website to make them shine and look every bit as amazing as they are. Yong is settling in well and really embracing his move from the corporate world to a more relaxed environment, regularly turning up to the Waddle house dressed for a day at the beach.

A big welcome to the team! How has life in the Waddle house been so far?

While it’s definitely been a bit of an adjustment coming from a big corporate, I can honestly say it’s been fantastic working with such an effective team. The main call-outs are how comfortable everyone feels to speak their mind, the very homely décor of the office space, and the Friday beers / wine to finish the week.

Who is Yong Rhee? Do you have any hobbies? Secret talents?

I always find it so awkward when asked that question. My background is from South Korea and Hong Kong with 3 older brothers and a twin sister. I normally spend my time outside of work going to the gym, playing video games (e.g. Counter-Strike: GO), hanging out with friends / family and eating lots of food (you’ll always see me eating). I’m trying to get back into skiing and I’m always on the lookout for new hobbies / food to try out.

Tell us a bit about what brings you to Waddle. What were you doing before you got here?

Before joining the Waddle family, I was a product designer at Macquarie Group. I worked with an amazing team to bring new features (such as ‘Marketplace’ and ‘Trouble logging in?’) to life in the Personal Banking space for their mobile and desktop product. After that, I worked with the Business Banking team to help lay down the foundations of design (such as creating consistent patterns) for their in-beta product.

The past couple years had me thinking about the start-up space as they move fast / lean with complex scenarios and high stakes. Not to forget the casual clothing, very flat hierarchy, and overall flexibility.

What is your first impression of Waddle? The platform? The team?

Waddle is great! As a product designer, the public facing website, the administration dashboard, and the client dashboard present a plethora of opportunity for growth and innovation from a ‘look-and-feel’ perspective. While design is an emerging discipline within Waddle, the team has been nothing but supportive and excited by the prospect of bringing in core design principles across the products.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I would love to grow the design discipline within Waddle in all its facets. Creating a living design system that can be utilised across the board, ensuring a consistent tone-of-voice / overall experience, and having the opportunity to continuously learn from the experts are my fundamental goals for the future.

Russ Watts

Digi Marketer, responsible for spreading the Waddle word far and wide. Writes the blogs, manages the ads & comes up with ways of making invoice finance sound exciting.

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