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Meet the Waddlers - Russ

Russ Watts  •  12 February, 2019

Welcome to our latest recruit: Russ (by Russ)

Introducing our newest Waddler, Russ (or as I normally call myself, me). I've joined Waddle as Head of Digital Marketing. I'm here to build up our customer base, make a big noise about the awesome Waddle platform and the company and generally help make 2019 our biggest year yet! Also, as I'm the only marketer and part of my job is writing the blogs, I get to interview myself! So here goes....

A big welcome to the team! How has life at Waddle been so far?

Well, thanks Russ! I’m enjoying myself a lot, I’m working with some really smart people and I’m excited to be here. 2019 is going to be a huge year for Waddle, the biggest we’ve ever had! This presents a great opportunity for me personally as a marketer; to increase the client base and help more businesses grow, as well as raising the profile of the company.

Tell us a bit about yourself? Got any hobbies? Secret talents?

I’m a swimmer. I love swimming throughout the whole year, particularly in winter! Where I live, we have some beautiful ocean pools just a short walk away and I’m one of the crazy few out there, whatever the weather. Usually in the winter, it’s just me and a few old guys.

In fact, I’m a very beachy / outdoorsy person, there is nothing I like more than heading down to our local beach with the family. I feel like every weekend is a holiday!

Secret talents? I think I’m a pretty good photographer – although (as a dad of a baby boy), these days its mostly high-quality baby spam.

Spin us a spicy tale of where you have come from?

I’ve worked at other start-ups, the last one being neobank, Xinja. Working in marketing at small, growing companies is very rewarding. It gives you a pretty broad skill set and usually means you’re working on an incredibly wide variety of different tasks at any one time, some of them quite random. Waddle is no different – on my list today is writing this blog, managing our acquisition campaigns, working on an explainer video, a bit of PR, and trying to source some pink synthetic grass for a Waddle branded putting green I want to build.

Prior to start-ups, the first half of my careers was spent in marketing / media agencies.

If that question was a geographical one not a professional one, then the answer is the UK – but I’ve been in Australia for over 10 years now!

What is your first impression of Waddle?

We have an absolutely incredible product and we’re really making a difference to the businesses we work with. Some of them really love us! It’s an exciting place to be and there will be lots to talk about this year, exactly what you want as a marketer!

There is also a great start-up vibe to the office and it's slightly nerdy, which I like. We work in a townhouse and we’re pretty much a cliché, with ping pong, (occasional) office dogs, Friday hipster beers and lots of Star Wars references. Our founder Nathan has a very difficult darts game he’s invented called something like ‘doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs' (which is something Han Solo did in the Millenium Falcon). Video / blog coming soon where he explains the rules.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

So much! As I said, my main job is customer acquisition, so finding new businesses for Waddle to help out. I’ll be doing that using a variety of mostly digital channels.

I’ll also be working hard to raise the profile of the company, we have an awesome product and we need to be shouting about it. I’m working closely with our Head of UX Dennis and we’ll be doing lots of work that gets the message out there and lets people know exactly what it is we do.

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