Welcome to our latest recruit: Mick

Introducing our newest recruit, Mick Dickson. He joins as a Business Development Manager helping to spread the Waddle word far and wide, ably assisting businesses to fulfil their potential by closing troublesome cash flow gaps. Mick is also possibly the Aussiest man you'll ever meet and he loves nothing more than a cold beer and a spot of fishing in his spare time.

A big welcome to the team! How has life in the Waddle house been so far?

Thank you! I have really enjoyed my first month in the Waddle house. It's been a refreshing change to work in a start up environment with a tight knit team and a great vibe.

Who is Mick Dickson? Do you have any hobbies? Secret talents?

Hmmm… who is Mick Dickson? I grew up in Sydney, so I guess this is home and where I hang my hat. I have many hobbies, however at the moment I would say day fishing dominates my passion. As for secret talents, come have a beer or two with me and I’m sure they will reveal themselves in good time!

Tell us a bit about what brings you to Waddle. What were you doing before you got here?

Joining Waddle for me is all about opportunity and innovation. I have worked the majority of my career in commercial sales roles across a variety of industries and have been in debtor finance for the past 18 months.

What is your first impression of Waddle? The platform? The team?

First impressions? Young, hungry, innovative, passionate, dedicated, engaging hahaha....should I keep going? The platform is truly years ahead of anyone else in the industry, and our terms are the fairest in the market, so it’s exciting times!

It's been a pleasure meeting the gang here, everyone brings diverse experiences to the table and are encouraged to have a voice which is something that sometimes gets lost in larger corporations.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I am here to help Waddle expand its market share and educate business owners on the benefits of a Waddle facility and how it can help them grow and realise their dreams.

Russ Watts

Digi Marketer, responsible for spreading the Waddle word far and wide. Writes the blogs, manages the ads & comes up with ways of making invoice finance sound exciting.