Welcome to our latest recruit: John

Introducing our newest recruit, John. He brings his extensive programming experience to our ever-expanding team of engineers, where he'll focus on maintaining the performance of the class-leading Waddle platform as it scales. When he's not coding, you'll find motorcycle enthusiast John tearing up the backroads and coasts of New South Wales. John AKA John Doe's real identity must however remain a secret, forever vigilante as he is about the dangers of facial recognition software and identity theft.

A big welcome to the team! How has life in the Waddle house been so far?

The Waddle house is great! Very different to other places. Never worked in a converted terrace before and the area is great. Has a real bohemian feel to it.

Who is John? Do you have any hobbies? Secret talents?

I am a programmer by day and programmer by night. Nah, just kidding. I have loved motorcycles since I was a kid and have been riding since then. Also love playing guitar, so it was great to see an electric guitar and amp in the break-out area.

Tell us a bit about what brings you to Waddle. What were you doing before you got here?

I’ve had my eye on Waddle since I was living in Scotland in 2017. I got back to Oz at the end of 2017 and went to a place I used to work at. An opportunity arose recently at Waddle and I thought to myself, time to get back to the excitement of a startup - building an innovative invoice lending product, something no one else in the world seems to be doing.

What is your first impression of Waddle? The platform? The team?

I love the lean nature way of working. “Agile” has become this overbloated way of working with set processes. When did Agile become so rigid. I love how at Waddle we question everything and try and find a better way that is truly lean. We are constantly improving things without the pressures of budgets and timelines. I really believe this just in time way of working is creating a great product.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I have worked for 4 startups now with a 50% success rate. I really, really, really want to improve that statistic and I think Waddle is the place to do it.

Russ Watts

Digi Marketer, responsible for spreading the Waddle word far and wide. Writes the blogs, manages the ads & comes up with ways of making invoice finance sound exciting.

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