Another week, another welcome to a Waddle software engineer. This time it's Eric, who joined us at the start of the year. He's an experienced engineer and is enjoying the casual office environment and fast, exciting pace of life of Waddle. He particularly loves working the 'Waddle way', where he can be pushing code to production just hours after discussing it with the team.

A big welcome to the team! How has life in the Waddle house been so far?

Thank you, it's been amazing! The team is full of talented, collaborative and interesting people, everyone is keen to help each other.

Who is Eric Yao? Do you have any hobbies? Secret talents?

A father, a husband, a son, a gooner and a software engineer. I play football, table tennis (really good at it :-)). I love movies, comics, tv-series, and spicy food.

Tell us a bit about what brings you to Waddle. What were you doing before you got here?

I have been doing software engineering for the past 10+ years. I previously worked at SiteMinder and DiUS. I have worked with development team sizes ranging from 4 to over 50, processing from waterfall to agile, providing technical leadership and helping to adapt to constantly changing requirements and delivery timelines.

I haven't worked much with start-ups before, I find it really impressive when you are pushing to prod all the time and working under such a dynamic and agile environment. A lot to learn, but a lot to achieve.

What is your first impression of Waddle? The platform? The team?

I've been very impressed since the first day! People in shorts and flip flops, laying back on the sofa and pushing code to production just hours after talking over the requirements changes.

It's comfy, dynamic and challenging.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I'm hoping to learn from my peers, contribute to and grow with the company. I'm looking forward to the exciting adventure.

Russ Watts

Digi Marketer, responsible for spreading the Waddle word far and wide. Writes the blogs, manages the ads & comes up with ways of making invoice finance sound exciting.

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