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Meet The Waddlers - Dulce

Team Waddle  •  14 December, 2018

Introducing the newest member of the team, Dulce Fernando. Dulce joins our credit team as Accounts Manager making sure we give them a fantastic customer experience once they're on board.

A big welcome to the team! How has your first few weeks been with Waddle?

Great! Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly, I already feel part of the family.

Tell us a bit about yourself? Got any hobbies? Secret talents?

I like to say I am a positive and happy person, very family-orientated, enjoy travelling and too much chocolate.

Spin us a spicy tale of where you have come from?

Not so spicy unfortunately, I have come from corporate banking and 10 years of experience in debtor finance.

What is your first impression of Waddle?

Waddle is a modern environment and more than 10 years advanced within the debtor finance industry, especially in terms of their product offering and their platform. The Waddle platform is GOLD, for both clients and operationally. Also a good bunch of very hard working and intelligent people, who very much enjoy a competitive dart challenge once in a while.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I hope to be a champion in both the Waddle platform and servicing Waddle clients!

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