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Meet the Waddlers - Dan

Russ Watts  •  20 December, 2018

Welcome to our latest recruit: Dan

Introducing our newest recruit, Dan. He joins Waddle's growing group of skilled engineers, building our wonderful products and helping to make invoice finance magic happen. He has found settling into life at Waddle a breeze, helped in no small part by the fact he has worked with a number of the team before. When he's not coding, you'll find him swinging from rocks and counting to ten in Japanese.

A big welcome to the team! How has your first few weeks been with Waddle?

Thanks Russ. The first few weeks have been exciting - having been able to design and ship brand new website features to production within this time has been re-invigorating for me as an engineer.

Having already worked with a few of the people here in the past has made the transition from my last job seamless.

Tell us a bit about yourself? Got any hobbies? Secret talents?

I love bouldering, and I spend way too much time doing it outside of work. A big motivator for that is that I've started to convince myself that it makes up for all the bad food I eat. Have also spent an embarrassing amount of money on coffee paraphernalia over the years.

Secret talents...well, I can speak / understand Japanese at the level of a native kindergarten student.

Spin us a spicy tale of where you have come from?

Most of my past experience has been in the corporate banking world, with a foray for a couple of years into a role in a fintech company.

Prior to that, I've worked in supermarkets, call centres, government departments doing IT desktop support and later on, systems admin roles. Funnily enough, the last government role I was in pushed me to study programming at university. From there, I dabbled in mobile applications development, and the experience I gained from doing this lead to me promptly leaving that government role in search of an actual programming job.

What is your first impression of Waddle?

I'm working with a group of smart, motivated people who are building a product with the hopes of helping businesses of all sizes grow. I feel as though I've picked an exciting time to join the company.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I'm hoping to be able to work closely with the team here to help us have as big of an impact as we can on the industry - and more directly, from my input, by helping us take advantage of modern advances in software development technology and practices to improve the product

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