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Meet the Waddlers - Bo

Team Waddle  •  30 May, 2018

Welcome to our latest recruit - Bo

Meet Bo, our newest Software Engineer. Credit team member/ investigative reporter Jorja, took the opportunity to ask our new recruit some questions about his start with Waddle

How was your first week?

It was great, quite a cool place to be, having a room full of motivated and down to earth people to work with. Felt right at home. Everyone is quite supportive of my transition into the company and helped explain what everything means and what the goals were. Everyone operates with a high level of communication and autonomy so quite quickly it was up to me on where I think I can make the most contribution towards the goals. The level of freedom and autonomy is something I have been looking for and it is where I work best in so it has been awesome.

What's your professional background?

I started my career as an integration and collaboration consultant on the technical side, working with many of the worlds biggest companies in defining and setting up their internal systems, processes and integrations to streamline how they work with a focus on the Atlassian suite of technologies.

From there, I moved into product development, building a commercial integration platform around CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar, Netsuite, Dynamics, etc. and then moving onto eLearning where I acted as the tech lead for a team of developers across 4 countries developing a SaaS platform for fast growing software companies to develop, manage and monetise training and certification offerings to their customers.

This is where I took the first steps into the financial industry, moving then into a role working on a new digital Loans product for small to medium businesses, building many components such as probability models, credit/risk analysis, on-boarding, accounting, reporting and interest models.

I have also been moonlighting as a dance instructor for Salsa and Bachata the last year or so.

What are your first impressions of the Waddle office?

Relaxed and open, everyone is quite chilled and approachable and there are no walls to speak of. A never-ending playlist of music can be heard around the office at all points of the day only to be stopped here and there for some meetings or ping pong challenges.

We all know you love to dance now and we are excited to have a Friday lunch where you teach us some hips don’t lie moves. When can we expect that?

Whenever you want, happy to do this at any time ;) Just bring your dance shoes and tap me on the shoulder.

What are your top 3 favourite things about dance?

The sense of freedom, you do as you please, just express however you feel through movements. That feeling when you do something crazy at just the right time in the music. Watching people way out of my league dance and just be mesmerised, and then the feeling when I finally learn how to do some of it XD

What are your top 3 favourite things about software engineering and which do you prefer?

Making things work, I am actually not the ultra-technical type, despite how it might seem to people. I am a perfectionist at heart, but I generally just like creating things that people like. My sub-text in LinkedIn describes it as “Making the world a better place one LoC at a time”.

Deleting code, technology is always growing and understanding/skill is also always growing with experience, as such, every time I come back to past work, there are always improvements that can be made. Having the opportunity to improve and replace legacy components with shiny new ones is always a good feeling. It is like buying a new car and driving it home for the first time.

Pattern recognition, this is one of my strengths and I find quite fun, recognising patterns in how things work and refactoring them so they are neat, tidy, reusable and extensible (the OCD side in me speaking there)

Who is your favourite team member?

It has gotta be Simon’s puppers XD

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