Accountants and finance brokers can now offer a new powerful engaging experience with Waddle.

We know your clients mean everything to you. We designed the Waddle Partner Program to help you grow your financial advisory or brokerage, building rewarding relationships with your clients. Visit the partner page.

Waddle is predominantly a receivables based lending program, allowing clients to borrow funds against unpaid invoices by embedding the Waddle application between their accounting software and customer invoices.

Next generation business lending software.

Exceptional customer experiences with real-time data and true automation.

Up until now there have been very limited healthy alternatives to bank funding for your clients.

Waddle designed the most advanced revolving line of credit product in Australia - 100% automated touch-free working capital that syncs directly with popular online accounting applications such as:

  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • QuickBooks Online

Business lending has moved on. Waddle offers the only fully automated asset based online lending platform designed to support continuous client data monitoring. Waddle delivers healthy alternative working capital facilities to growing SMB’s.

Built for the advisor.

We know that most healthy growing SMEs have trusted advisors including accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors including brokers.

For accountants and bookkeepers, having clear transparency into loan accounts and very simple reconciliations are key to delivering frictionless services to your portfolio of clients.

Removing financing hurdles and administration from your clients day to day operations is core to embedding yourself as a trusted advisor.

For finance brokers - You're now armed with a healthy alternative with the following features:

  • Revolving credit line with no complicated fee structures
  • No minimum fees or break costs
  • Cutting-edge application, just link your clients accounting software
  • No property as security or other strict banking processes
  • Direct access to decision makers – guaranteeing fast response times
  • 24/7 online access to our cloud-based platform for easy access and transparent reporting
  • Passes the “Sleep at night” test knowing your clients are with the #1 user rated platform.

Waddle's partner dashboard allows advisors real-time access to view clients on the Waddle funding program with:

  • Complete visibility into loan amounts
  • Account statuses
  • Activity of unallocated payments

This allows our partners to continuously engage with clients to ensure they are achieving the maximum amount funding available through Waddle.

Team Waddle

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