Sydney-siders are skilled at working their way around the ever-changing streets as construction sites are forever popping up, and it’s all powered by human labour. Sorcha Hunter, the founder of Hunter Labour Hire has been supplying this labour to the construction industry for over 10 years. Their motto is to provide quality tradespeople quickly and safely.

Hunter claims that labour quality is the main struggle of the industry. Workers can be unreliable or lack the requisite skills, leading to less efficient labour and ultimately a greater cost to their employers. To deal with this issue, Hunter Labour Hire get daily feedback from their clients on the labour supply. Sorcha says ‘if we send someone new, our team will call around lunch time and ask how the hire went. We always try and stay on top of it.” This strong client service has contributed to their amazing growth.

Sorcha started in the industry working for another labour hire company but soon reached a point where she recognised that she could do it on her own. “We started Hunter and our turnover was modest initially, however, by 2017 our growth was incredible.”

One of the problems with rapid growth is that it can create a cash flow problem. According to Sorcha clients would pay on 14-30 day terms, however, they needed to pay wages every 7 days. They recently went from supplying 30 to 50 candidates in the space of a couple of weeks so they needed funding to pay those additional wages.

“Using the Waddle facility meant that on a Wednesday afternoon we could process the wages and know exactly what we need to draw down to pay the wages bill the following day. The nice part is that we only pay for funds we use.”

Sorcha had previously used invoice factoring but it just didn’t work. It required too much administration time to manage it as well as being too expensive.

“I love the way Waddle integrates seamlessly with Xero so I can easily recognise my client’s payments. It’s all so simple, more businesses should try it as it has definitely helped us grow.”

Team Waddle

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