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Business loans Brisbane

Russ Watts  •  26 May, 2021

Looking for a business loan in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for a cash flow solution to help your company reach its full potential, then Waddle’s innovative invoice finance platform could be the answer. Waddle helps growing businesses unlock funds tied up in unpaid invoices. Connect ‘Get A Quote’ to see if Waddle is right for you.

Invoice finance for small business

Waddle is an ideal solution for companies looking to close cash flow gaps. It’s a line of credit based on unpaid invoices which grows as the business does. Waddle’s innovative platform connects with accountancy packages meaning the credit line is updated in real-time as invoices are raised and paid. This integration saves business owners valuable time, no more uploading of invoices or hours spent reconciling customer payments. The Waddle platform takes care of all of this.

It’s a quick and easy online application. Here’s how to get started. First, click 'Get A Quote' and answer a few questions about yourself and your business. Next, connect your accounting software and we’ll take you to the Waddle dashboard and show you a potential facility limit. Here you can view a list of your debtors and select which ones you’d like to fund. Watch as your available balance changes as you do.

After a credit check and approval process, you’ll be ready to go within a couple of days. After you draw down on funds within the dashboard, the money can be in your account within 24 hours. So if you’re experiencing business growth, but are finding cash flow gaps are holding you back, then start your loan application with Waddle today.

Business finance options

As a business owner, it can be difficult to know which of the many types of funding on the market is most suitable. There are multiple factors to consider, such as the loan amount, what the money is intended for and the particular situation of your business; including the type of business, the length of time trading, available assets and credit history. For example, if business finance is needed to acquire machinery then a different type of financing may be suitable than if it was needed to keep the business running day-to-day.

A business loan can be taken from a large traditional bank, as well as from non-bank financial institutions such as online lenders and fintechs. Whilst big business banks may offer favourable interest rates, they can come with less flexible terms and more stringent eligibility criteria. If you’re an established business with assets to use as collateral, then that could be your best bet. For many small and medium-sized operations, an online lender offering a wider variety of funding types, including unsecured business loans could be the better option.

Non-bank lenders can be attractive; they can get you funded in 24 hours, offer greater flexibility, a less stringent application process and without the need to use assets as collateral. They may also offer alternative forms of funding such as invoice finance, equipment finance or supply chain finance. These can be particularly suitable if a business owner is looking for a small business loan or working capital solution.

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