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5 cloud accounting add-ons to save you time

Russ Watts  •  25 February, 2019

Make life easier with these cloud accounting add-ons

Cloud accounting platforms like Xero & MYOB have been making the lives of business owners a whole lot easier since their launch around a decade or so ago. And one of the handiest features is the vast library of add-ons available for them, automating a wide range of otherwise time-consuming tasks from payroll and employee time-tracking to inventory management and reporting. The Xero Marketplace has over 700 add-ons and apps, allowing all kinds of businesses to tailor their cloud accounting experience to match their own particular business needs.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Produce great looking reports and presentations - Spotlight Reporting

What is it? Spotlight Reporting is an amazing time-saver! It allows small businesses and accountants to easily create great looking reports, dashboards and forecasts from the complex information in their online accounting platform. Rather than having to extract data and painstakingly build reports manually, you can create professional presentations within a few mouse clicks.

Cloud Accounting Add-ons - Spotlight Reporting

Which platforms is it available on? Xero, QuickBooks & MYOB.

Simplify client engagement - Practice Ignition

What is it? Put simply, Practice Ignition automates client engagement, making every step of what can be a time-consuming process a breeze. Add it to your cloud accounting and you can easily draft a proposal, get client approval, create the job and organise payment, all in one easy-to-use app. No more posting contracts or chasing for signatures or payment - it allows accountants and businesses to sign clients, improve cashflow and streamline client onboarding.

Cloud Accounting Add-ons - Practice Ignition

Which platforms is it available on? Xero, Quickbooks & more.

Don't lose receipts ever again - Receipt Bank

What is it? An essential app for tracking expenses. Take a photo of a receipt and upload it, Receipt Bank does the data entry for you and then instantly syncs it into your cloud accounting. Then chuck the receipt in the bin! No more dreading expense day each month, as you face wading through a mountain of crumpled taxi receipts.

Cloud Accounting Add-ons - Receipt Bank

Which platforms is it available on? Virtually all platforms out there.

Rostering, timesheets and scheduling - Deputy

What is it? An all-in-one employee management platform. Rostering, timesheets, scheduling and payroll are simplified with an add-on that is essential for any business with a rostered workforce. Sync Deputy with your cloud accounting platform to calculate overtime, penalty rates and save you valuable time processing payroll.

Cloud Accounting Add-ons - Deputy

Which platforms is it available on? Virtually all platforms out there.

A line of credit for growing businesses - Waddle

Well, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion is there?

What is it? Waddle offers a way for growing businesses to close the cash flow gaps that are holding them back. It seamlessly connects with the leading cloud accounting platforms and based upon a client's outstanding invoices generates a finance offer in an instant. Two-way data sharing makes reconciliation dead easy (traditionally an extremely time-consuming job) as data is passed back from the Waddle platform

The line of credit is adjusted in real-time as invoices are raised and paid. You pick which invoices to fund and only pay for those which you drawn down. It’s also fully confidential, so your important client relationships stay with you and there are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees.

Cloud Accounting Add-ons - Waddle

Which platforms is it available on? Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks & Netsuite - with new ones being added all the time.

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